About Us


Our Aims


Tower Hamlets Parents Centre (THPC) is a registered Charity (number 1059773) and Company Limited by Guarantee (number 03246084) founded in 1996. Our aims are encompassed in the following statement:


“The Centre is a focus for education, training, advice and support for parents, guardians and/or carers of children in Tower Hamlets. It provides a range of services and activities for parents/families in order to enable them to gain new knowledge, skills and confidence to increase involvement and participation in their children's education and to fulfil their roles as parents functioning as a successful ‘family’ unit. It provides support for parents/families in accessing services and organises programmes of activities encouraging inclusion, participation and connection in order to build stronger communities.”


Need For Our Work

  • According to the 2010 Index of Multiple Deprivation, Tower Hamlets is the 7th most deprived Borough in the country.

  • It has one of the highest unemployment rates in the UK of 13.3% (December, 2013), twice the national average, which is over double the national rate.

  • A quarter of unemployed people are long term unemployed and the youth unemployment rate of 27.7% (2011).

  • Skills levels in the Borough are very low; 15.6% of inhabitants have no qualifications which is the fifth lowest figure in London (April 2014).

  • Our service users make up a large proportion of children, parents and families with disadvantaged Bangladeshi, Somalian, Pakistani and other ethnic minority backgrounds.

  • Most families have been placed in poor social housing with high levels of overcrowding (35%) and suffer from poor Health and its wider socio-economic impact.

  • The Tower Hamlets JSNA (April 14) shows that life expectancy for males from disadvantaged backgrounds in the Borough is 12 years below the national average.

  • Life expectancy for disadvantaged females is 5.4 years below the national average.

  • 13.5% of the population have long term limiting conditions (the 9th highest percentage point in the country).

  • 9% of our clients have diabetes, compared to 5% for London.

  • Over 25% of 10 year olds are obese (the 9th highest in the country).

  • Many first generation parents often had little education in their own countries, thus, they have severe lack of literacy and numeracy.

  • A research undertaken recently shows that in some Wards of the Borough, about 42% of the children live below the poverty line.

  • Differences in lifestyle and lack of knowledge can lead to Health problems with rates of Cardio-vascular problems, Cancer and Diabetes being particularly high.

  • Women can be isolated and vulnerable to domestic physical and mental abuse by their partners or extended family members.

  • There are a growing number of young people from these communities who drop out of education affected by drugs, getting involved in crimes, gang-fighting and knife crimes.

  • The Borough has a higher rate of teenage conception compared to other inner city Boroughs in London.

  • The exclusion rate and truancy levels are high amongst the children in ethnic minority and disadvantaged communities in the Borough. 

We exist to help our clients improve their knowledge, skills and health and thus make a difference to the overall community. 




Tower Hamlets Parents Centre is governed by a Board of Trustees who are also directors of the Limited Company. Key responsibilities include setting organisation strategy, financial management, business planning, making key decisions, and monitoring the work of staff.


The Trustees are:

Mr S Miah, Chair:  Local businessman & ex-Councillor
Dr H Husain MBE, Vice Chair: LBTH Education Department
Mrs F Ahmad, Secretary    Women Groups’ representative
Mr S Ahmad, Treasurer:  Local Teacher
Mr M Ahmed: Formerly CEO Bangladesh Welfare Association
Mr G Mortuza: Local parent, ex-Councillor
Mr M Islam: User Representative
Mr S Khan:   Local Parent, Governor, User



Staff Team


Day to day work is carried out by the staff team under the management of the Director.


Our staff are:

Dr M A Hannan: Director
Masuma Akhter: Admin. Officer
Elliza Jasmeen: Health Promotion Officer
Rukshana Begum: Health Promotion Officer
Altabur Rahman:  Sessional Outreach Worker
Jesmin Zahan: Sessional Outreach Worker
Ruksana Khanom: ESOL Tutor (Entry Level 1, 2 &3)
A.K.M Yahya: Study Support Tutor
Alea Ismail:  Fitness Instructor
Syeda Mahzebin Sewing Instructor



Annual Reports


To view past Annual Reports, please follow the links below:


Financial Statements - Yr Ended 31-3-14