Recent Achievements


THPC is an energetic organisation delivering a large number of services related to its aims and objectives. These make a real difference to the lives of users in all areas of their lives; primarily, we support young people educationally but there are spin-off benefits in improving housing, family relationships, employability, Health, cohesion and in wellbeing. We review our activities each year. For 2013/2014, the Parents Centre carried out the following services with over 2476 clients (parents and children):

  1. Entry Level 1 ESOL Class: Two - 2 hourly Skills for Life accredited Sessions per week were delivered for newly arrived mothers at the Parents Centre for 40 weeks (18 mothers attended).

  2. Entry Level 2 ESOL Class: Two - 2 hourly Skills for Life accredited Sessions per week were delivered for women at the Parents Centre for 40 weeks (18 mothers attended).

  3. Entry Level 3 ESOL Class: One - 2 hourly Skills for Life accredited Session per week was delivered for-students who have completed Entry 2 and/or are ready for more complex reading, writing and speaking or listening tasks (14 mothers attended).

  4. Parenting Skills Course: A Course consisting of a two hour weekly Session delivered over twelve weeks, covering such issues as parenting young children from birth to 6/7 years of age and children’s Health, diet and illnesses, particularly obesity among young children and how this serious endemic Health issue could be prevented (16 mothers attended).

  5.  Educational Advice and Information: The Truancy and Advocacy Project held a weekly Drop-in Session in order to provide advice and information on educational issues (93 clients served).

  6. Educational Casework: The Exclusion and Advocacy Project undertook casework representing children in Admission Appeals, disciplinary and exclusion hearings (27 cases).

  7. Educational Advocacy/Outreach Work: The Truancy and Advocacy/Outreach Project provided advocacy and outreach support with families to improve attendance and discipline in schools and to prevent exclusions (65 clients served).

  8. Referrals/Access to Services: We supported mothers/families who needed support with their benefits, immigration, housing, debt and domestic violence issues through a referral service (137 mothers / families).

  9. Saturday Homework Club: A three hourly Session per week on Saturdays was delivered in order to provide additional support for 7 - 11 year old children in their homework, particularly in English and Maths at Key Stage 2 (25 children).

  10. Summer Holiday Activities: The Parents Centre delivered a programme of activities including Poetry, Reading and Writing, Arts and Crafts, Maths and Games, English and Maths, Film Shows and Games and a day trip to Broadstairs Beach (125 children and parents participated).

  11. Books Library: The Parents Centre delivered a bilingual Books Library by facilitating local ethnic minority parents and children to borrow books throughout the year (145 mothers and children).

  12. Eid Party: The Parents Centre celebrated the Eid by holding a Party in August, 2013 (75 parents and children attended).

  13.  Young People’s Mentoring and Career Support: The Parents Centre delivered two hourly-two Sessions per week, providing structured training on  Employment related English, ICT and Presentational Skills to assist disadvantaged and unemployed young people into Employment, over 36 weeks (24 young beneficiaries).

  14. Parents Meetings: The Parents Centre organised 4 Parents’ meetings; two on the issue of Domestic Violence and Forced Marriage, in order to raise awareness and inform parents of these issues.  We also organised two workshops on Admission and Secondary Transition in order to provide training for parents and enable them to deal with their children’s Secondary Transition process (115 parents attended).

  15. Nutrition and Cookery Classes; A Two hour weekly Nutrition and Cookery Session was delivered for 12 weeks (50 women attended).

  16. Fitness and Exercise Sessions: A one hour weekly Session was delivered for 16 weeks (15 women attended).

  17. Healthy Living Week: A Healthy Living Week including a Football Tournament, Bouncy Castle, Face-Painting, Balloons, Charity stalls, Health Workshops, Workshops and Displays on Health issues, Talks and Presentations on Smoking and Smoking Cessation, Paan Chewing and Cessation, Cancer and Cervical Screening and “BLIP” tests for beneficiaries.  The Programme of the week was extremely successful and it exceeded our expectations in terms of achieving output and outcomes (200 beneficiaries attended).

  18. Self-help Groups for Women: A two hourly Session per week for women was delivered at the Parents Centre for 12 weeks (11 women attended).

  19. Self-help Group for Men: A two hourly Session per week for 2 cohorts of men was organised for 12 weeks (10 + 8= 18 men attended).

  20. Workshops on Healthy Eating: A two hour weekly Workshop on eating fruit and vegetables was delivered for 10 weeks in partnership with Mohila Ongon (15 women).

  21. Health Workshops for Women: An hourly Session per week was delivered at the Parents Centre for 14 weeks (15 women attended). Another three Workshops, each two hours in duration, were delivered to three different groups of women (15 + 28 = 43 women).

  22. Health Workshops for Men: Eight Workshops, each two hours in duration, were delivered for a group of ten men (10 beneficiaries).

  23. Health Workshops for Men and Women (Mixed Groups): Four Workshops, two hours in duration, were delivered for  different groups of men and women (53 mixed beneficiaries).

  24. Healthy Food Exhibition: We organised a Healthy Food Exhibition in partnership with Mohila Ongon where participants could learn about, then prepare and eat Healthy food (150 women attended).

  25. Health Advocacy Work: A half a day Health Advocacy Session per week was provided at the Parents Centre for 40 weeks to help explain the UK Health system (55 people attended).

  26. Drop-in-Support Sessions: A half a day weekly Drop-In-Session was held for 40 weeks. These Sessions provided users with information on Health issues (120 users).

  27. Outreach Support: Outreach Support was provided through home visits, assisting users in coping with conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, kidney disease and obesity etc. (65 users).

  28. Paan Cessation Workshops: Four Paan Cessation Workshops were held which led to a number of women seeking further advice at the Royal London Hospital (90 users).

  29. Smoking Cessation Workshops: Six Smoking Cessation Workshops were held (70 users).

  30. Cervical Screening Workshops: Five Cervical Screening workshops were delivered. Additionally, a Presentation was made on Cancer and Cervical Screening on the Women's International Day in March, 2013 (197 women attended).

  31. Sewing Session: A two hour weekly Sewing Session was organised for 12 weeks where the women made shelwar, kamiz and other outfits of their choice (12 women attended).

  32. Walking Group: A Walking Group was organised for an elderly group of women for 12 weeks with the objective to improve their mobility (12 women attended).

  33. Football Tournament: A One-Day Football Tournament was organised in partnership with “SPLASH” Youth Project, which was participated by 12 teams and watched by 150 spectators, in order to raise awareness of  the need for fitness and physical exercise among young people (200 users).

  34. Women's International Day: The Parents Centre celebrated the Women's International Day, in partnership with Mohila Ongon on the 5th of March 2013, in order to promote Women's Issues such as gender equalities, education and careers, safeguarding against domestic violence, forced marriage and women’s rights (72 women attended).

  35. ESOL Embedded ICT Training:  An hour of ICT Tuition embedded in a two hourly ESOL Session was delivered to three cohorts of women for 30 weeks (36 women attended).

  36. Life Saving Skills: Six Workshops on Life Saving Skills were delivered at the Parents Centre and two other community venues  (85 beneficiaries).