Our Services


English Language Classes


If you would like to be able to speak English, we offer entry level ESOL classes to all members of the community (any language), ages 18 and up.

The sessions are led by a trained Tutor, are very practical and move at your pace. They also include some trips and computer training to help you.

Classes take place at the Parents Centre Office. To register, please contact the Director on 020 7650 8936.

The courses take place over 40 weeks and it is important that you are able to commit to these classes.


Education and Careers


Do you or your children need educational support? We can help!

We can offer a number of services including:

  • Educational casework supporting your families with school issues including admissions, exclusions and disciplinary hearings

  • Educational advice and information both in the Centre and on an outreach basis

  • 12 week parenting skills course covering such issues as parenting young children from birth to 6/7 years of age, children’s health etc

  • Saturday Homework Club. A 3 hourly Session per week on Saturdays covering English and Maths at Key Stage 2 (9 - 11 years old)

  • Career support. We offer weekly 2 hour sessions in issues such as English, ICT and Presentational Skill.

For more details please contact the Director on 020 7650 8936


Health Advice and Advocacy


Are you feeling unwell, want to get fitter, or would like to lose some weight?

We offer a number of activities designed to improve your health including:

  • Men's and Women's fun and friendly health self help groups.

  • Nutrition and Cookery Classes

  • Weekly fitness and exercise sessions for women

  • Life saving skills classes

  • Regular workshops in different areas such as cancer or healthy eating

  • Health advice and advocacy at our drop-in or in the community

  • Cervical screening sessions

  • Paan Cessation and smoking cessation workshops

We also provide large events and campaigns such as our healthy living week, football tournament for young people, and healthy food exhibition which gives you the opportunity to cook and try healthy food!

For more details please contact the Director on 020 7650 8936


Accessing Services


Are you having problems accessing benefits or with another issue such as health or education? We are here to help!

Our staff offer support and guidance in the following areas:

  • Assistance in applying for welfare benefits in liaison with other agencies

  • Health advice and accessing local hospitals and GP services

  • Support around issues with education such as truancy and exclusions

  • Assisting with filing in forms, phone calls, translation and referrals to other organisations.

The service is available most afternoons. No appointment is needed.

All staff are checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service. Everyone is helped in strict confidence.

For more details please contact the Director on 020 7650 8936


Social Activities


We offer numerous fun and educational social activities for local young people and families. These include:

  • Summer Holiday Activities for young people including Arts and Crafts, Film Shows, Games, and day trips

  • Eid Party

  • Activities for women including sewing session and walking group

  • Exercise and fitness sessions

  • Men's and Women's Support Groups

  • Workshops on various subjects including parenting or health issues

  • Participation in events such as Women's International Day

All activities are designed with participants. Staff and volunteers leading them are fully trained. All activities are risk assessed.

For more details please contact the Director on 020 7650 8936


"Health Matters 2" Programme


(A 4 year Project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund.)

The Project aims to help to overcome the poor Health of disadvantaged ethnic minority people in Tower Hamlets, particularly those caused by lifestyle issues and lack of knowledge. It will promote “Healthy families and Healthy children,” by reducing Health inequalities and improving the physical and mental Health of these people through a range of Health promotion activities/services.

The Programme started from the 12th of October 2015 and we are currently recruiting for and providing the following services.

Please come join in and reap the benefits of these Provisions.

These activities/services include:


Health Advocacy: Providing advice and information on Health issues and advocacy support to beneficiaries in accessing Health services such as GPs, Hospitals, Clinics and Sports Centres. We hold an Open Access Drop-In Sessions at our office for 3 half days a week and beneficiaries can arrive without an appointment.

Outreach: Outreach service will be provided to beneficiaries, meeting them either in their homes or in other community locations. This service will attempt to connect beneficiaries with Health service Providers, provide advocacy and interpreting to access services and support beneficiaries to manage their conditions themselves and lead a quality life.

Nutrition and Cookery Classes (Women): Providing information on Nutrition and food value to raise awareness of users and then followed by Cookery Classes to give hands on experience to cook Healthy nutritious meals using wholesome natural ingredients.

Fitness Sessions (Women): Providing personalised Exercise Programmes for participants, encouraging them to undertake regular exercise and lead a Healthy lifestyle.

Workshops on General Health Issues (Women): These Workshops will discuss Health issues like Diet, Obesity, Depression, Hypertension and other Health issues in a simple and comprehensive way to raise awareness of women and encourage them to take preventative measures.

Workshops on General Health Issues (Men): These Workshops will discuss Health issues like Diet, Obesity, Depression, Hyper-tension and other Health issues in a simple and comprehensive way to raise awareness of men and encourage them to take preventative measures.

Self-Help Group (Women): Provision for elderly and less mobile women to come together to discuss their conditions informally over a cup of tea; develop friendship and a support network within the group.


Yoga Sessions (Women): These Sessions will provide Meditation, Walking and Massage therapy for women to improve their mental and physical Health and concentration levels.

Yoga Sessions (Men): Provision for men to practise Yoga Exercises/Techniques to improve their mental and physical Health in a relaxed way.

Cessation Workshops on Smoking, Paan, Cancer and Cervical Screening: Providing information on the negative effects of Smoking and Paan Chewing and raise awareness of Cancer and the importance of Cervical and Breast Screening as early detection can save lives. These Workshops will also support and refer beneficiaries to Cessation Services available and encourage women to undertake early Screening.

Referring young people to Sports Clubs: To encourage and engage young people to Sports/exercise activities and leading a Healthy lifestyle.


London Borough of Tower Hamlets Funded Web Projects


We are currently recruiting for the following Projects. We welcome referrals from all over the Borough.

ICT Embedded Women’s ESOL Project: 8 hour weekly ICT Embedded ESOL tuition (at Entry Levels 1 -3) will be provided to 2 cohorts of 30 women. The Project aims to develop the English language, Communication and ICT Skills of the women, and thus, helping them to enhance employment prospects.

Study Support Session: A 3 hour weekly Study Support/Homework Support Session will be provided on Saturday morning to improve attainment of 20 disadvantaged young people at Key Stages 1 and 2. This Project will provide support to beneficiaries in English and Maths as well as their Homework set by their teachers in mainstream schools.


Time Table


"Health Matters" Programme Time Table 2015









ICT Embedded ESOL Women's Project (Entry 1)


Self Help Group (50+ Women)


ICT Embedded ESOL Women's Project (Entry 1)


Workshop on General Health Issues for Women (in other venues as arranged)


Cessation Workshops for Men (in other venues as arranged)


Homework Club/Study Club (7-11 years)


Fitness Session for Women (Minerva-centre).....


Drop-in Session Educational Advice/Information
Yoga Sessions for Men


Nutrition and Cookery Class for Women (Minerva Centre)

12-1pm Lunch

2-3pm Lunch

12-1pm Lunch

1-2pm Lunch

1-2pm Lunch



ICT Embedded ESOL Women's Project (Entry 2)


Drop-In for Health Advocacy


ICT Embedded ESOL Women's Project (Entry 2)


Outreach (Health Support)


Drop-In for Health Advocacy


Drop-In for Health Advocacy


Career Support for Young People
Please Note: You can drop in at the times allocated for drop-in or advocacy and Translation and speak to Eliza, Rukshana or Masuma about any health related issues.