Quotes From Users


We collect user opinions of our services through the systematic use and analysis of questionnaires. These show that the Centre’s work makes a very real tangible difference to the lives of its clients. As the comments from them show below, this includes educational benefits, strengthening family units, assisting with finding employment, improving community involvement and many others:


  •  “The Parents Centre helped my daughter get back into school and onto college after she got expelled from school for fighting.”- Single Bangladeshi mother. 

  •  “It’s a good thing I attended the ESOL class at the Parent Centre because they helped me get the course I needed to become a Play Group Worker.” - Young Somali mother.

  •  “The Self Help Sessions for women have really helped me to have the confidence to leave my home and socialize again, thanks to the Parents Centre.” – A 60 year old Bangladeshi lone mother.

  • “The Homework Club really encouraged my children to focus on their school work and helped them improve their achievement.” – A single Bangladeshi mother.

  • “I can finally apply for my Teaching Assistant course at the college now because the Parents Centre assisted me in applying.”- A young Bangladeshi mother.

  • “It’s great that I decided to go to the ESOL classes, because now I can talk with my daughter’s teacher.” – A Pakistani mother.

  • “The Parents Centre was very fast and effective in helping me with my domestic problems.” - A Somalian Father.

  • “Thanks to the Parents Centre, I feel much better now because I can prepare healthy food for my children and family.” – A Bangladeshi mother.

  • “Parents Centre really taught me how to look after myself and the dangers of Tobacco.” – A Bangladeshi Father. 

  • “The Nutrition and Cookery classes have really inspired me to take my health more seriously.” – A Bangladeshi Woman.

  • The Cervical Screening sessions have really inspired me to undertake screening and take my health more seriously.” – A Moroccan mother.